Wine Sales Consulting

In over thirty years of “working the market” Bursick has established a wealth of contacts among wine distributors, the media and organizers of public events. He has a reputation as a winemaker who not only understands wine sales, but supports sales efforts as well.

Distributor Level Consulting

  • Familiarity with the nuances in each A and most B wine markets in the country, through multiple market visits, often several times per year.
  • Has conducted numerous brand launches with new distributors delivering the wineries’ market advantages to management and sales staff.
  • Takes the opportunity to introduce new vintages or products coming up to the sales force. This is often done with directed tastings and discussion of the competitive products and styles the sales force will sell against.
  • Enthusiastically engages in “ride alongs” with top sales members in order to personalize the brand to the A and B+ account buyers in each market.