“Bursick is approaching eminence grise status among California winemakers, yet he could care less at this point about keeping up with trends. In fact, he’s trying to break a few of them.”   – Edward Deitch, TODAY 2007 recipient James Beard Journalism Award

“More than 30 years as a winemaker, George is one of the men who put California on the map as a progressive producer of world class wines.”   – Michael Horn, CRN Digital Talk Radio

“George is one of California’s most accomplished winemakers who uses his vast experience to embark on innovative winemaking approaches that his peers are not willing to do. The resultant Pinot Noirs have been a revelation.”   – Rusty Gaffney, MD, The PinotFile

“George Bursick has achieved something quite extraordinary with his Russian River Chardonnays, a cool climate white, that in its aromatics and precision, may be the closest a California Chardonnay can get to Corton-Charlemagne.”   – The Robb Report

“George Bursick, Ferrari-Carano: His Chardonnays and Merlots are stunning achievements, and soon-to-be released vintages are exceptional.”   – The Los Angeles Times

“OK, so George Bursick isn’t a king, though he wouldn’t mind being the king of California Pinot Noir. His Pinots are particularly appealing because they’re wines that excite the gastric juices and makes the brain in the stomach start checking the refrigerator.”   – Roger Morris, Wine Journalist

“The whites and reds produced at J Vineyard, under the direction of savy winemaker, George Bursick, rank among California’s best. His Pinot Gris is as good as it gets. I’d choose it over most Italian Pinot grigios I’ve tasted.”   – Bob Hosman, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“George Bursick is considered to be one of California’s greatest winemakers.”   – Maxxium Hong Kong

“George Bursick of J Wine Co. has made a Pinotage that is probably the best version of the grape I have ever tasted.”   – Peter F. May, Editor, The Pinotage Club

“George Bursick is well known for his innovative inclinations. As the longtime winemaker at Ferrari-Carano, he worked wonders (some might suggest miracles) with Sangiovese. His Chardonnays were always at the top of the class.”   – Wine Review Online