Remodeling a Sauvignon Blanc
Undisclosed Client


Sauvignon Blanc has had a mixed reputation among wine consumers, largely due to the number of poorly made wines that gave the varietal a reputation of being “green and grassy.”


In an effort avoid those shortcomings, the client had introduced a sauvignon blanc label blended with semillion and aged in new oak. The result was a lukewarm reception from the media and from consumers. The challenge was to redeem the brand and turn the profile in another direction fast.


While the semillion and new oak might have seemed logical, the approach was actually obscuring the intrinsic characteristics of the fruit. Eliminating those elements and modifying the fermentation procedures created a more tightly structured wine exhibiting the citrus-melon flavors consumers were expecting. Tighter acidity proved to be mouth watering on the palate which encouraged consumption, especially in restaurants.


Growth to 120,000 cases, and one of the most requested Sauvignon Blanc’s in restaurants for the last twenty years as ranked in the annual Wine & Spirits Restaurant poll.